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3 Friends 1 Chair.



Yea…We are Badass LadyBosses!!

Watching this episode of MSH over and over again, each time left with the feeling of “there is something uniquely different and special about 3Friends 1 Chair”. It defies any other podcast…is it because we are amateurs or that there is no script or editing or because we do this from home on our iPads, no makeup, no lighting, no formal intros nor outros?

Having obsessed enough of that I turned my attention to a file full of articles that were well overdue being read.

I clicked through the file and stopped on my favorite….its light, fun, interesting, informative and right down my age ally. I’m talking about growingbolder.web. Stop Growing Older Start Growing Bolder is their tag. Anyway…last nights article was specifically about 2 women who defy their age. One in her late 50’s gave up her high level corporate job, bought a camper, had it fitted out to become home for as long as it takes to travel to all 50 states. In each state she plans to paint a picture, write a book, sell her book and painting donating the proceeds to a charity.

Then gutsy 92 year old Abstract Artist. She paints everyday, likes to be alone when working. She says company distracts her emotions. Her paintings are large, bold, colorful and brilliantly thought provoking. Her paintings are her emotions.

THERE it is !!! Both those ladies DEFY what the average person of their age is assumed to do.

DEFY…that is the key as to why 3 Friends 1 Chair Podcast is uniquely different and special.


I am 57. I don’t see age as getting older, but a number of how many trips around the sun I have made! Physically and mentally I work everyday to be younger.


I’ll be 69 in April. Aging is about life experiences, great loves & friendships, opening new doors & clarifying your own expectations! I’m working everyday to stay pertinent to the world I live in. ☮️


I am 70. The last time I felt this good I was in my 20’s. The only difference is my “outer shell” is not as firm now as it was when I was 20. I’ve got that liberated ‘fuck you’ confidence now as I did then however, now much wiser in using it.

NOTE: We would love to hear from you the viewer as to your thoughts on defying ageism…Please send us your comments.

Be the difference…Make Shit Happen.



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2 opmerkingen

What a great podcast. You are all fabulous ladies and I am looking forward to more information from all of your

Reageren op

Thank you Erica. This is going to be a great year…The 3 of us are very excited.

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