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Raise your hand if you know your INTELLIGENCE and your NEURODIVERSITY?


It’s January 1st and I am looking up the word ‘ intelligence’ in a dictionary. Not just any dictionary, by my mom’s 1956 College Addition of the Websters New World Dictionary. She got it later in life from the Dow Chemical Public Library in Midland, Michigan for $1. Of all the books that I own, it is my favorite, because it was hers. She read for hours a day and was passionate about adding new words to her vocabulary. Whenever I asked her what a word meant, she would shout out; “look it up in the dictionary”.

However, the dictionary is more than fond memories. In my work with dyslexic individuals, the dictionary holds the key to them taking control of their dyslexia. It is a powerful book. So, what does it say about ‘intelligence’?

Intelligence: the ability to learn or to understand from experience. What is this ‘ability’?

I want to take you on a journey in 2022 to discover what this ‘ability’ is. I want you to look at your mind in a new way. How this ‘ability’ shapes your personality, the work you do, how you spend your free time and how you interact with others.

We won’t be discussing the 9 or so different types of intelligences or the left and right hemispheres of the brain. What we will be discussing is what you do with your mind’s eye and how it shapes everything about you.

Once you gain more awareness about this ‘ability to learn or understand from experience’, you will be able to appreciate everyone’s intelligence. This is why I agreed to write this blog. Understanding intelligence is the key to accepting neurodiversity and why it is so essential for humanity.

Are you curious? Good. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence.

Happy New Year everyone!

Cathie Geraci: Author.

Neurodiversity Advocate

Intelligence Passionista

Davis Methods Facilitator

Mother, Wife, Friend


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Veronica Bianco
Veronica Bianco
Jan 05, 2022

Super interessante! Sono curiosa di leggere il seguito!


Love intelligence !


I don’t know about my intelligence…but I sure am curious!


Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Jan 05, 2022

Cathie…You are exactly what we need in understanding ourselves. To be honest I am fucking tired of “trying to find myself & giving myself selfcare”. Yes, it is VERY important that we take time to self care however, to UNDERSTAND who you are and how your mechanics work IS EXACTLY what we need. Thank you.

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