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Kojak & ………….

This is your opportunity to write a Halloween mini movie script !!!!

Meet Margie & Kojak. We have provided the photo’s, sound effects and music…all you have to do is write the script. Who knows…it could be published and picked up!!!

Margie & Kojak

Kojak’s Bio: in his/her own words.

I was given to ”my child” when she was born. You could say I was born the same day. My child and I are still together 42 years. She may look 42 (she actually does not) but I still look the same as the day I was born.

I was known as “the doll” until she named me Kojak. Kojak because I don’t have any hair like the movie star Kojak.

I have travelled the world and been to many a party especially this Halloween party where I got to wave at people and make them feel really UNCOMFORTABLE….that was interesting and fun. The adults were more scared of me than the kids.

Anyway, now that I am 42 but only look 1-ish its time for me to debut into the movie business.

Send your script either via site comments or to

Looking forward to publishing your movie in time for Halloween.

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