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You want new Gun Laws..NOW!!

Sandy Hook, El Paso, Pulse, Orlando just to name a few shooting tragedies and now Robb Elementary School in Uvalde County,TX. When will the American people say enough? Yesterday former Representative Joe Scarborough said, it’s a race to the bottom! He went on to say it’s immoral, radical and dangerous for anyone to have access to military style weapons of war that are literally designed to destroy the enemy.

Senator Chris Murphy from CT asked Congress, “why are we here”? “what are we doing here”? His plan going forward is to work hard at compromise for the next 10 days to try and get a vote on a bipartisan bill that will save lives. If that’s not possible, if we can’t find common ground then we are going to take a vote on gun violence. The Senate will not ignore this crisis!

What do Americans want … sensible gun laws! Expanded background checks. Expanded red flag laws. Outlaw large capacity magazines. Raise the age limit to get a gun. Take these assault weapons out of the hands of civilians. A reasonable request unless you are a Republican member of Congress taking campaign contributions from the NRA! Some to the tune of over $3 million dollars! I urge everyone to take a look and see how much your Senator or Representative has taken.

Last year Texas passed a law eliminating ANY permit required for a gun. Governor Abbott wants to blame it on the mental health of the shooter … well ok Governor, so why did you slash $211 million dollars from Texas Mental Health Budget? It’s clearly time for you to step aside and let someone govern Texas who actually gives a crap about Texans. Republicans have gone on every news media they can blaming these shootings on mental health issues, video games, lockdown, childhood trauma, a broken heart and the lack of a lock on the back door, but they will never, ever blame it on too many guns!

The 2nd Amendment allows reasonable safety regulations. It does not give anyone the right to carry a assault rifle, purchase a gun without a criminal background check or carry a gun into a public school or government building. Does that seem so difficult to understand? Even in the most Conservative parts of this country you have to have license paperwork, regulations and permits to hunt, fish even camp, but hands off our guns. Ask responsible gun owners and responsible gun shop owners and they will tell you that we must have safe and sensible regulations.

Republican legislators must stop infringing on our right to a safe life! Stop infringing on the freedom of millions of law abiding citizens who simply want to send their kids to school, go food shopping or a mall, go to the movies or a park without the fear of getting shot with weapons that decimate the human body. Parents at Robb Elementary School had to give DNA samples to identify children that were unable to be identified any other way! Now is the time to talk about it! Now is the time to be outraged! Now is the time to say enough! Sensible Gun Laws! This can happen in the next few months. If your Representative, your Senator, your Governor, your Mayor or City Council doesn’t support sensible gun laws then vote them out or this carnage will go on and on and all those people who are beholding to the NRA will say is Thoughts and Prayers!

Author: Patti Kasanow.

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