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Bowled Over!

This little 1ft decorative Xmas tree grew into a monster, gorgeous, majestic tree. The roots had started lifting the back door platform and the branches had more than started to knock at the bedroom window to enter. Granted….I did plant it far to close to the house.

It had to go or I had to go…..the house was in jeopardy of joining the “haunted upside-down team. I would miss watching the squirrels scramble up, down and around the tree and the tree hugger that I am, went into mourning.

EARL to the RESCUE…..although the tree had to come down he saved some of the trunk in all its light bright colors. A chunk already on the machine….I‘m excited to see Earl turn the majesty of the ”little 1ft decorative Xmas tree” into works of art that live on in family homes.

On the Lathe. Gorgeous light wood ready to be made into a artistic bowl. Follow this transition at Click on Blog/Gallery/Peace of Wood.

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