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11 points…You have got to be k!dd!ng ….

There’s no lack of topics this month, so I’m staying close to home …Florida. I decided to take a look at Rick Scott’s 11 Point Plan to make America better. I’m glad I did. I’m not a fan at all in fact I believe he is a criminal. Let’s remember he was fined $1.7 B for fraud and then under oath took the 5th 75 times. He is one of the worst Governors and Senators Florida has ever had to endure. Scott’s plan begins with these statements the militant left now controls the entire Federal government, the news, the media, academia, Hollywood and corporate board rooms and they want more. He goes on to list all the ways the left is changing or destroying the following American History, Patriotism, Border Control, The Nuclear Family, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility, Judeo Christian Beliefs, Free Speech, Law Enforcement, Religious Liberty, Traditional Morality, Rugged Individualism, Gender, Color Blindness and Private Ownership of Guns. I won’t write about each item, but I’ll focus on 3 that I believe to be the most dangerous. #9 addresses the redefining of the traditional family. Scott believes that the fanatical left will continue to destroy the nuclear family that’s in Gods design. #2 clearly states that our Government will never ask Americans to disclose their race, ethnicity or skin color on any Government forms. #11 ( I guess he saved the best for last) wants Americans to be free to welcome God into all aspects of our lives. Stopping the Government efforts to deny religious freedom. These are only the tip of the iceberg! Scott’s plan (and I urge you to read it) seems to be a mix of Newt Gingrich’s kick the poor when they are down with the authoritarianism of TFG (the former guy). Its a focus on White Christian Nationalism, attacks on Voting Rights, Economic and Constitutional illiteracy as one Politico pundit said, a Mack truck of gaslighting! He goes on and on about marrying the parties anti tax pro austerity ideology with a fervent populism. Referring frequently to the “woke” left spending your hard earned dollars on undeserving others. Several Politico journalists suggested that Scott’s plan is a gift to the Democrats if they can figure out how to use it effectively. Part of Scott’s premise is that white people like Scott (Christian American Capitalists) have lost favor in the cultural marketplace. There are consequences for supporting fascism, misogyny and white supremacy. These people see themselves as victims and want to avenge their victim hood by imposing their ideas and norms on everyone else. They have also created the greatest level of inequality in decades while fostering the socioeconomic caste system. Scott proclaims loudly and clearly what his Republican cronies in Congress want to say, but realize that if they do they could easily be voted out. Mitch McConnell has clearly reacted this week to Scott’s plan. One thing McConnell is is a savvy politician who understands don’t tell the American people what you really want to do in America just keep stealing elections and telling lies and eventually you can legislate whatever you want. It’s happening in Florida right now! I’ll end today by saying Bravo to President Zelensky for asking Scott to mute on the Congressional call Saturday.

President Zelensky you said just what millions of Americans would like to say to Senator Scott. “ MUTE YOUR PHONE !!!”

Patti Kasanow: Author.

Note: The views of Ms. Kasanow are not those of every team member of M!H nor MargPod LLC. We as a team, pride ourselves in being diverse in every sense.

Margie Burns-Kohn. (Founder).

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