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A Room of One’s Own



For me reading a book is like traveling to the places and people in ‘the story’.

I am surround with books…it is almost an obsession. My parents and siblings had/have the same obsession…which always led to great family conversation and debates.

So it is no wonder that Bookends Zoom Meets exists. Bookenders is what we call ourselves. ‘J’ facilitates and navigates the conversation, ‘M’ researches the backstory of the author which has become a huge topic of conversation and many times changed a Bookenders opinion of the book or parts of the story. I am the Blogger and Social Media Marketer.

Our choice of reading is wide and deep…from modern poetry, to current novels, biographies to classics.

Bookenders are a lively, opinionated group who meet once a month through Zoom.

We have an open invitation to join. Contact Margie @ or through comments on website

Feb’s book ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus brought on some lively conversation, appropriately so because it embraced celebrating National Women’s Day. This is definitely a must read.

The book for March is ‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Virginia Woolf. What better read in acknowledging National Women's History Month.

Bookends Meet. 03/28/23 @ 7pm est.

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