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Neuropsychological Assessment & Other Stuff.

Updated: Mar 23

Neuropsychological testing measures how well your brain works. It tests for a range of mental functions, like reading, language use, attention, learning, processing speed, reasoning, remembering and problem-solving, as well as mood and behavior.

In this post of ‘PD RollerCoaster Ride’ Jim and Margie discuss their latest Neuropsychological assessment experience and results. With Parkinson’s this is done as the doctor prescribes and in Margie’s case as part of the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation surgery) qualification.

They also touch on how their days have been…. never allowing PD to take the controls. They understand there is no cure (YET) and it is progressive disease however, there are ways to “counter attack” in order to have an enjoyable and productive day.

Margie updated where she stands with the DBS surgery. Once the green light is on she will start blogging her experience with photographs.

‘Get Movin & Have a Fun Day’.

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I love listening to you and Jim and learning the good the bad and the ugly. You are both an inspiration. Love you

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