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Be honest…..”Does your PooP St!nk?”

Really ….saying “Are you Gut Healthy” is just the human way of saying “Does your PooP st!nk”….

So let me give it to you from my 1.5 year old Boxer point of view.

My PooP is talked and analyzed way more than my adopted humans PooP is. OK…so I do have a “gastrointestinal sensitive “ issue , being that I did swallow one of my humans pink socks. You should of seen there faces…..hysterical..yes however, not so much when they made me vomit it up.

Anyway…does any of this sound familiar….

“What color was the PooP this morning?”

“Oh…his PooP was nice and solid today”

“His PooP must of weighed a whole pound”

“Yuk….his PooP was yellow and slimy today”

“Better call the vet today…he only PooPed twice today”

“He needs to start eating that special food ‘cause there are spots of blood in it”

“Look at his butt…its straining when he PooPs”

This is a daily conversation and marked as high priority. AND…discussed in the open, in front of me!!!! Really…I do have feelings..ya know.

These are just a few of the highlights….I’ve never ever heard this discussed about any humans and amongst any humans I know. Its taboo!!!

Let’s not even bring Farting into this….actually lets do. Haha!!

When I let out one of those almost bicycle tire air silent sshhhh sounds…my humans look at each other, smile and say..”so cute”.

Now, when I let rip, that’s a huge high five and that-a-boy.

My best is when I do fart then immediately gaze at one of my female humans as if they did it…lol, that’s funny as hell.

If Johnny or Jane did any of the above…they would be reprimanded.

So let me end with Gut Health….quite simple…Eat good food and let it rip!!!!

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Does You PooP St!nk…..Author: Zimbabwe (Zim) Boxer.

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