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De Santis … More Dangerous Then Trump … YES!

In an article from late April 2022 Michael Cohen of MSNBC wrote, Governor De Santis is far more dangerous then Trump ever was & I completely agree. Cohen went on to say, De Santis has an ability to translate vindictiveness, cruelty and demagoguery into policy results. In the modern Conservative right wing Republican Party building and ensuring political power trumps all other consideration. What makes De Santis ever more radical in modern day Republican politics is that there’s no sewer he won’t climb into. There’s a good bet he’ll be re-elected as Governor in Florida and has become a front runner in the Republican presidential campaign in 2024.

De Santis doesn’t have the personality of Trump, but he is extremely focused, funded and is much more menacing. He has proven that he can and will follow through on divisive rhetoric and he has his eye on 2024. He has waged war on gender, race, sexual orientation, Covid mandates and protestors and his approval rating is climbing. Last week Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe said, he’s gone after Mickey Mouse and Disney, the Special Olympics who he threatened with massive fines because they wanted to follow CDC rules for their athletes requiring vaccinations and Baseball the national pastime in America pulling $35 million dollars for a new sports facility that would house the Tampa Bay Rays because the Rays donated $50 thousand dollars to Everytown to support gun safety. He’s made a name for himself by championing national culture wars and he spends a lot of time focused on getting more and more national recognition on news media sites including constant air time on Fox.

Florida Representative Randy Fine recently told NBC that we aren’t slowing down! He predicted that the Florida Republican legislature will continue to expand focus and pass more extreme Conservative legislation. He went on to say that the legislature has given over the reigns to De Santis! De Santis will continue to pass bills that foster extreme radical platforms! He has captured the attention of the worst, racist, homophobic, bigoted portion of the people of Florida and the country. Many believe that there is nothing too petty or outrageous that he won’t champion on his way to a presidential campaign and he has now created his own Police Force in Florida that could make sure he won’t be stopped. If you are a Florida voter and his extreme authoritarianism isn’t scaring you then you are not paying attention! He has to be voted out in 2022! He cannot have another term as Governor! It’s our responsibility to stop his building a Fascist state in Florida!

Author: Patti Kasanow. 6/8/22

Note from Margie Burns-Kohn.

This is not necessarily the view of all M!H team. M!H team is an extremely diverse team with many different opinions. We thrive on and respect diverse debate…it makes for a healthy conversation.

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