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DeSantis - The Cruel Governor

In the last 48 hours we have witnessed the ever power hungry Governor of Florida who’s political style is premised on an idea that the conservative media & his base will champion any stunt he pulls!

His most recent political stunt sending Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is classic. He lied to these people. They were told that they would be helped upon arrival with work papers, housing, etc. Essentially they believed that they were headed to a safer & better life. He went so far as to hire a videographer to document this horrendous stunt of human trafficking! And he did it to get some cruel satisfaction or as he says to make a point about our borders. Someone should remind him our Southern border is water!

DeSantis has absolutely no qualms about setting people up. And if it boosts his image with his Fox News base all the better! He has proven this over & over again. Let’s not forget that he arrested 20 people with felony convictions who paid their debt to society & their fees & who received voter ID cards, who were told they were eligible to vote & they voted! Imagine the fear he has created for families & individuals who simply wanted to vote!

As long as he is championed by an extreme right winged base he will continue to pull these stunts with a sickening disregard for truth or reality! Last week a pundit on one of the morning shows said, it’s all about the cruelty for DeSantis & I couldn’t agree more!

Patti Kasanow: Author. 9/19/22

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