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Don’t Mess With Our Rights & Bodies!!

Ohio voters defeated an anti abortion measure by 40 points! Ohio Republicans tried to subvert Democracy to ban abortion, but voters rejected that. Senator Sherrod Brown said, it was a deceptive power grab by GOP law makers. Democracy is in the hands of the voters in Ohio! And it’s just the beginning. It was an anti democratic tactic to make it harder for people to have their voices heard. Voters clearly said, Republicans have gone too far! Suburban women of all ages who are Democrats, Independents & Republican voted No. Ohio State campus voted 98% for No! Women around the country are motivated! They are not only voting they are raising $ & getting involved!

This trend is prevailing! The energy is on the side of those fighting for reproductive rights. Republicans just can’t seem to figure this out. They are simply out of sync with the majority of public opinion. Republicans have lost in every abortion related referendum since Dobbs. In Vermont 76% voted for pro choice, CA 67%, KS 59%, MI 57%, MT 53% & KY 52%. Ohio women sent a very clear message, you mess with our rights & bodies & we will come for your seats!

As a Floridian what happened in Ohio is encouraging! Florida Protecting Freedom, Inc (FPF) has been circulating a Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition to limit government interference with abortion. The state of Florida requires 60% voter approval (this was passed in 2006) & based on what we see happening around the country it can absolutely be achieved! If you haven’t signed & returned your petition please do so ASAP! Also, FPF needs volunteers & $ donations today! I urge you to get involved!

Getting the amendment on the 2024 ballot will require over 900,000 signatures. The measure would ban restrictions on abortion before fetal viability usually around 24 weeks. Currently (according to FL’s League of Women Voters) about 57% of Floridians support reproductive freedom. 60% approval is a must !! There’s still a lot of work to do! The time is now!! Make your voice heard!

Patti M. Kasanow


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