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Dr. Hoff shares the PooP

Make Sh!t Happen has decided to do exactly that……Saturday April 30th is World recognition of Veterinarians…well, we thought ”that sh!t doesn’t fly” so, we are starting today and celebrating through the month of May.

Dr. Hoffman gets the celebration of with a eye opener of a pod cast. She is funny, strong willed, passionate and caring. She says “ most patients don't understand why they are at the veterinary hospital and are often frightened, I find making their experience less stressful and resolving their problems very satisfying” Dr. Hoffman says. “When I walk into an examination room I always think to myself. How can I make this pet’s life better?”

Listen to this conversation Dr. Hoffman has with Margie and Patti….I guarantee you will think differently and more kindly of the world of our fur-friends, their healthcare and those veterinarians who dedicate their lives to them.

Send us your Fur-Family stories and pictures. We will post them in celebration and recognition of our Fur-caregivers.


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