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Calibration Phase One Hits Target.

My body started to relax, the rocking and rolling slowed down, and my hands and feet were no longer uncontrollable. It was like a weight had been lifted off of me. I could feel the difference right away.

Barbara and Dr. Lotia were both pleased with the results. They explained that this was just the beginning of the calibration process and that there would be more sessions to fine-tune everything. But for now, they were happy with how Phase One had gone.

I left the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future. If this was just the beginning, I couldn't wait to see what the rest of the calibration process would bring. It is a long road ahead, but I am ready to take it on.

Calibration Phase One was a success, and I am one step closer to regaining control over my body and my life.

It is a humbling experience to realize the simple tasks that I had taken for granted before the calibration phase. Feeling grateful for the ability to sit in stillness, eat without difficulty, tie shoelaces, and perform other daily activities with ease, make me appreciate the quality of life that I often overlooked.

As a strong advocate for the DBS procedure, I want to emphasize that it may not be suitable for everyone, and each individual's experience may vary. However, for those who are eligible candidates, I highly recommend discussing it with a neurologist to explore the potential benefits.

While DBS is not a cure for Parkinson's disease, it can be a life-changing treatment option that improves quality of life. Organizations like AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute are dedicated to providing support and resources for individuals living with PD to help them lead fulfilling lives.

Living with Parkinson's disease can be challenging, but it's important to remain hopeful and resilient. There is ongoing research and advancements in treatment options that offer promise for the future. Remember, there is always a new dawn, a new day, and the possibility of feeling good again. Don't give up, keep pushing forward, and seek support from healthcare professionals and organizations that can help you on your journey.

Note: Jim and I will be discussing my DBS adventure on our next podcast, which will be posted on 5/6/24 on our website at PD Files. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Jim or myself at Please title your question: PD Question/Answer. Rest assured, we will not mention names unless specified. Thank you for your interest and support.

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