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Florida … the Politics of Inclusion

On Tuesday night Representative Charlie Crist said in his acceptance speech, tonight the people of Florida sent a message, that they want a Governor who cares about ALL Floridians, who will solve real problems, who preserves freedom. Millions of Florida voters don’t want a bully who divides us & takes out freedoms away.

I couldn’t agree more with Representative Crist! He went on to say, my opponent is mean, mean spirited. His constituents are carrying Neo Nazi flags & supporting anti-Semitic rhetoric & Governor DeSantis says nothing. He’s taken his eye off the ball in Florida spending his time stumping for candidates around the country all while asking for money.

Many Florida voters have had it with his antics. My concern is that they aren’t antics. He’s shown us what his agenda is for the state. He’s specific & real when he talks about “woke” culture in Florida. Believe him because it will get much worse if he is re-elected.

In a press conference a few days ago the Governor was asked about abortion in Florida & his reply was there are more alternatives in the future where abortion is concerned. He went on to say young women will have no bodily autonomy here. Again, I say believe him. He’s telling us exactly what he’ll do. He cares about a destroying our fundamental rights & freedoms. He’s already shown us what’s coming if re-elected.

Representative Crist made it clear that he isn’t interested in the politics of hate. He’s focused on the politics of love & inclusion. And while that may sound a bit pie in the sky I believe that more Floridians as well as more Americans want their leaders to stand up to the bully’s & say No. That’s not what we want! We have that chance here in Florida with this Governors race! Think carefully about what you want your state & country to look like. You have a very clear choice in November … Governor Charlie Crist!

Pattie Kasanow: Author.


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