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Framed Your Story.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

'A Framing Device is a narrative technique in which a story is surrounded by a secondary story, creating a story within a story. ' The story is 'framed' like a picture. It is encapsulated in time by a narrator,

This series of acrylic on canvas titled Frames feeds our transparent or secretive affection for voyeurism. Looking into each window you begin to tell your own personal stories. Each window is created by what I call the ‘threading’ process using acrylic paint.

Currently I am working on a 15x12ft piece for my 2024 exhibit. The unique thing about this painting is that it will be interactive. You will have the ability to click on as many window Frames as you want and listen to the writer give a synopsis of their Framed story.

More to come as I continue to work on this and a few more for exhibit.

As always I would appreciate your comments and would love for you to Share.

Now I would like to present to you just a few of the Frames Collection:







If you would like any further information on any of my works please feel free to contact me through comments on this page or email me at

I am thrilled to share that two of my larger painting got purchased this month. They are “Audrey” & Boy Blu.

5x5ft. Acrylic on Canvas.

5.5x5.5ft. Acrylic on Canvas.

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