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From Nothing to Gratitude & Hope.

I woke up this morning on a cold and rainy day in Venice and oddly, did not run to my phone to see if it was really true that Trump announced his run for President of the United States. I say ‘oddly’ because from the day Trump got the Republican nomination in 2015, I obsessively followed the election. Looking at my CNN app first thing in the morning in Italy to see what crazy things he had said the afternoon and evening before in the United States. Instead, this morning, I got up and calmly set out on my morning routine. I clicked on my New York Times app and did Wordle, the crossword and then, made myself a plant based cappuccino and sat done at the kitchen table. Next, I read a few articles about his announcement and watched a few MSNBC news clips from yesterday evening. I felt nothing. And then, that nothingness was replaced by a warm sensation of gratitude. Thank you Mr. Trump for adding more fuel to the awakening of women to get theirhuman rights.

You see, after the “grab them by the pu**y” comment, a lot of women (including me) thought that was the end of him becoming President. So when it wasn’t, that sentence fueled the Women’s Marches in Washington DC and around the US, where the pink pu**y hat was the symbol of the day. Getting elected woke up a bunch of women. And then, all those appointed Supreme Court justices during his time of President would lead to the taking away of a human right for women and again, we rose up and the results were seen last week during the election.

Trump fuels women in an exponential way. This means he is fueling us women in an ‘extremely rapid increase’ sort of way. So, thank you Donald. With you in the spotlight for at least another 2 years, women will just exponential band together and make our reawakening of the women’s movement even bigger and stronger. And that, is leaving me hopeful!

Cathie Geraci. 11/16/22.

Intelligence Passionista,

Neurodiversity Advocate who

values Productivity, Community & Truth.

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