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Get off the Couch

Here’s what I know this week Conservative Republicans are organized at every level of government. They have organized parents at school boards, at city councils, at county positions, at election boards, at state levels including judiciaries throughout the country. They get it! And they never stop organizing! Conservative candidates & their political machines understand this all too well and work tirelessly to get into office.

So when I’m asked, what can the average citizen do I say a lot! Start with educating yourself about your local government. Do some good old fashioned homework about the city you live in and how it’s being run. And then take some action. Write or e-mail your elected officials at all levels, participate in local or state meetings, speak up, ask questions and demand answers, learn your states voting laws, volunteer at your local polling place, volunteer for voter registration drives and if you have the time and energy run for office no matter how small! *** Decisions are being made that affect your lives and a large part of our population doesn’t have a clue as to those decisions. Do you really want decisions being made by others that affect your lives? I know for sure I do not , especially as a large part of our population doesn’t even have a clue as to who and what those decisions are!

I got involved over 30 years ago and I did it by simply volunteering in my cities Mayoral election. After years of complaining in my living room I decided it was time to get up and get involved! I went to the candidates campaign office and said what can I do. I made phone calls and stuffed envelopes and it was the beginning of activism for me. It’s grassroots involvement and it works! What has made you get off the couch and gone down to the campaign office to see where and what you can do to make a difference?

Last week President Obama gave stump speeches for the Democratic Governors running for re-election in NJ and Virginia and he said, this is no time to be frustrated or tired! This is time for effective action and dissent! If you believe that this an be a better world then get up and get started! I couldn’t agree more ! So I’m challenging you. Complain all you want, but that won’t help change happen. It’s time to Speak Up! It’s time to Get Involved! There’s too much at stake. Do it now! Be the Change not the Couch Potato!!!

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