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Halloween Horror Debate starring DeathSantis.

I watched the Crist De Santis debate last night & it met all my expectations! This morning after reading about it & watching clips the absolute best quote was the following, ‘ what we saw from De Santis last night is what close observers in Florida already knew. He is only comfortable in carefully, scripted environments with people who won’t push back or dissent. He is the most protected, babied, insulated Governor in America”.

I couldn’t agree more. What we have seen is an aggressive, fascist Governor who has turned Tallahassee into a MAGA legislative body that rejects any bipartisanship & has gone to war with moderate progressives in the state. This conservative, authoritarian crusade has to be stopped. De Santis & his heavy handed team of followers adhere only to his rules & his agenda & if you oppose him you better be ready to weather the consequences. All De Santis does is chase electoral rewards from a base that responds to his bullying & lies. He knows it & so do his handlers which is why access to him is limited at best.

He is not the leader we need to move Florida forward. The state has serious issues to face which Representative Crist enumerated last night. A woman’s right to choose, a huge lack of affordable housing & resources for working families, insurance companies leaving the state, teachers resigning in the hundreds, Medicare & Medicaid $$ that aren’t being used for the most needy of our families. De Santis has spent 2 years avoiding the real challenges in Florida while focusing on made up cultural issues that completely pander to his base. Voters must now push back against all the disastrous precedents that this Governor constantly creates while ignoring real issues.

I urge everyone to vote! Representative Crist is by far the most qualified & day one ready candidate that we have in Florida. He will fight for a state where ALL Floridians are heard!

Patti Kasanow: Author. 10/27/22

”No BS. Advocate. Loyal.

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