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Illusory Color & the Brain

A WORLD WITHOUT COLOR appears to be missing crucial elements. And indeed it is. Colors not only enable us to see the world more precisely, they also create emergent qualities that would not exist without them.

Color is a sensation created in the brain.

I am infatuated with color threading (my terminology). The fact that I am able to take a toothpick, spatula, brush, whatever works and pull a ’thread of paint’ attaching it to another color forming a ‘frame’ which tells a story..blows my mind!

Here are my latest in the “The Frame” Collection.

’Secrets’. 4x5ft Acrylic/photography on canvas.

‘I am’. 4x5ft. Acrylic on canvas.

Below are 4x4inch acrylic on canvas. They are some of my latest ‘FridgeArt’ collection. Magnets are on back…Art can then displayed either on refrigerator, wall or desk.


Commissioned work in celebration of client who had survived breast cancer. The blue heart represents her son. The day she received her cancer diagnosis was also the day she found out she was pregnant with her son.

Various works.

Title: TBA.

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