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In This Case..Silence is Not Golden!

This is Orlando, FL. A City that I lived in for 20+ years. A city that I cared for deeply & still do. A city I built my career in. A city where I have many close friends & family. How can it be that the Governor hasn’t said one word about this abhorrent behavior by domestic terrorists?

I believe in the First Amendment & the Freedom of Speech, but these gatherings with groups of red shirt thugs waving flags with swastikas shouting Heil Hitler is pure evil & I believe should not be tolerated.

The groups in front of Disney World have been there on & off for weeks. Not too many, but enough to cause fear & anger. This past Labor Day weekend this larger group of red shirts marched & chanted in Altamonte Springs, FL. They made their presence known & got coverage in the National & International news. They marched through the neighborhood where they parked their cars continuing to spew horrific chants.

It’s a sad time for Florida when the Governor of this state condones this behavior by his silence. I was ashamed & scared & incredibly pissed off when I saw these images, but more determined than ever to take back our cities & country from these traitors to our Democracy! If you have followed me on Make Shit Happen you know that a big part of my personal rallying call is VOTE! Vote in every election from your School Board to President & make it clear that we will not tolerate government officials who won’t stand up to this tyranny!

Patti Kasanow.


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