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It’s the Law

I wrote this blog around this date 3 years ago. I began by writing, this is what’s on my mind today. And it’s still on my mind 3 years later.

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As I was saying……

The Salem Witch Trials condemning women and burning them at the stake because they dared to be different. They wanted some freedoms & an education. Just the right for girls to go to school.

Suffragettes being arrested, locked up, force feed and humiliated for simply wanting the right to vote. In 1872 Susan B Anthony was arrested for violating the Enforcement Act of 1870 by casting a vote in the 1872 Presidential election. At the trial the judge directed the jury to deliver a guilty verdict. When he asked Anthony, who had not been permitted to speak during the trial, if she had anything to say she replied, “you have trampled under foot every valid principle of our government. My natural rights, my civil rights, my political rights, my judicial rights are all alike ignored.”

Prior to the 19th Amendment women were still considered property of their Fathers and Husbands and they were often forced to have children even when their lives were at risk. How many women died as a result of childbirth complications, inadequate medical treatment or no treatment at all, from postpartum depression and suicide or simply not being able to carry another pregnancy to term.

Even as recent as 1970’s a woman couldn’t get a credit card, a bank loan, a mortgage unless her Father or Husband was part of the process.

This week Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota issued an order to restrict access to abortion medications. She directed her states Department of Health to create rules that abortion inducing drugs can only be prescribed by a state licensed doctor after an in person examination. She did this in anticipation of the Food and Drug Administration’s move in the next few weeks to allow abortion medications to be dispensed through the mail. Texas now South Dakota.

So if you think Roe V Wade won’t be overturned think again! Conservative Evangelicals have been pushing this agenda for years and in the former President they found a sympathetic ear. This President backed by Republicans in both Houses put two Conservative judges on the Supreme Court tipping the balance of the court with the intention of eventually overturning Roe V Wade which has been Law of the Land since 1973! This is still a struggle for freedom. It’s a struggle for our natural rights, our civil rights, our political rights, for the right to make decisions about our bodies and our lives finally and maybe just maybe forever!

Author: Patti Kasanow. 9/21

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