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“Judgement Day…Yaa!!!”

NPC Florida State Championships is a National Qualifier. I was there…not to compete this time. I was there to support a client.

Saturday, 14th August 2021 my client Renee competed in the Masters Bikini competition and won 2nd place in her division. I am her personal trainer in partnership with her Nutritionist team Unmatched Nutrition.

Renee competed in the Masters over 50 division.

Not only was the competition exciting but seeing the head judges of the NPC and IFBB Bodybuilding Promoters. On the left is Tim Gardner the Head Judge of the NPC and IFBB. In the middle is my client Gabi who last weekend won a national qualifier and is now Florida’s Wellness Champion. “Congratulations Gabri”.

On the right is a dear friend of mine Deke Warner who is the promoter of both NPC Deke Warner Classic and NPC Florida State.

I have know both Deke and Tim since I started bodybuilding as an amateur…that’s over 16 years. It was wonderful seeing them again.

What made my day was seeing the upcoming bodybuilders in Classic Physique. After the competition I met a few of the new generation bodybuilders. I gave them advice and motivation to keep going and never give up….a lesson I had learned.

A day like today reminds me of how dedicated we are to this sport. Although we compete as individuals we support, motivate and care for each other as a team.

So….as the great Arnold would say…….”I’LL BE BACK”

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