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Mind’s Eye Hangout

How can Kelly Slater ride a 22 meter swell on a surfboard?

How can Daniil Simkin, a principal ballet dancer, do six pirouettes followed by 10 turns?

Yet, some people trip often or bump into furniture daily.

Why is someone dyslexic and another person is a straight A student without much effort?

The answers lie in the favorite place where the Mind’s Eye naturally hangs out.

Remember the beach I was looking at in my mind while looking out my window on the foggy day? My mind’s eye was doing the looking and it was doing this looking, from a place.

If its natural place to hang out is up and behind your head, school was pretty easy for you. If its natural place is anyway else, you are probably dyslexic or school wasn’t your favorite thing. If its natural place is up a few feet on top of your head, you have natural talent for surfing or doing pirouettes without getting dizzy. By the way, most surfers and professional dancers are dyslexic. If its natural place is in front of you, you are tripping and bumping into things frequently. What if you do not have a natural place at all? Well then, you are severely autistic.

So, your natural favorite place for your mind’s eye to hang out is part of the cause of your difficulties and your talents. But not all of it, because it doesn’t stay in its favorite place all the time. And, that is where it gets fascinating. How gifted you are at moving your mind’s eye away from its favorite place is the cause of many of your problems and your successes. If you are not gifted at moving it, you are probably just pretty ordinary.

Curious? Your mind’s eye just moved from its natural place to think about all of this! And, that I will explainthe next time we hang out. See you then!

Cathie Geraci: Author.

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