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My Secret Wish - Shhh!



1. IN THE BEGINNING: Located in Maitland, Florida, the Art & History Museums - Maitland Art Center was founded in 1937 and was originally known as the Research Studio. It was a colony where prominent artists lived, experimented with new art forms and escaped the demands of daily life.

Part of what glues me together is Art so, why not Blog about it in addition to volunteering a morning a week at my neighborhood Art Center. After-all it is unique with a interesting history to it…which I will blog in 9 quick facts about this National Historic Landmark.

Also…shhhhh!!! Secretly….it would be nice to be selected as a ‘Artist in Residence’ !!! Which would definitely give my creative dry spell a swift kick in the butt, forcing me to get paint to canvas.

Today my job is to facilitate tours through the Telephone Museum. Fact 1. On March 7th, 1876 (147 years ago today-complete coincidence I decide to blog this today), Alexander Graham Bell received his patent for the telephone. That is all the info and facts I am giving you on telephones…Google if interested.

I am however, going to give you more facts in future blogs regarding the Maitland Art Center (A&H) in addition to my journey as an artist. I also look forward to exhibiting other artists works on this website Gallery.

I would love for you to join me…it is an open invitation with hopes of ‘likes, shares, comments, feedback & subscribes…most of all ‘conversation’.

Future Blogs:

  1. 8 remaining Facts of the A&H Maitland Museum.

  2. Peek Preview & Review of my art intended for a upcoming exhibit.

  3. Conversation with a professional Art Curator & myself on the effects art has on people who have Brain diseases specifically Parkinson’s.

Note: May not be in that order of posting.

I’m Grateful.

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