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This past weekend Florida was all over the National news due to one of the largest spikes in the COVID Delta Variant cases. Hospitalizations are up particularly in the unvaccinated population. Floridians are struggling with masks or no masks, social distancing yes or no & what will happen with this school year which starts in less the a month.

And where was Governor Deathsantis?

Was he working with his Cabinet on how to combat this variant. Was he holding Town Hall Meetings in a responsible way avoiding more COVID spreading. Was he concerned that many Floridians are still not vaccinated & are getting sicker at a younger age.

No way !! Governor Deathsantis was in Texas 1000 miles away from Tallahassee focused on his ambitions for 2024. He was at the border to get more National press coverage. Not for Florida, but for himself.

Back in Florida on Sunday Governor Deathsantis still wasn’t addressing the COVID variant in Florida he was making fun of Dr. Fauci before a group of young Conservatives in Tampa. This Governor was more interested in Dr. Fauci’s pitching ability calling it the worst pitch in history then the spread of COVID yet again in his state.

Florida has about 57% of the adult population that isn’t vaccinated. AARP recently reported that Florida has the 2nd lowest rate of vaccinated nursing homes in the nation. So this variant is effecting our younger population, our care takers & possibly our older populations still.

Maybe Governor Deathsantis will spend time in Florida now speaking out to his constituents in language they understand about getting vaccinated! Stay in your own state Governor & start focusing on saving lives in Florida! Don’t count on it! Governor Deathsantis is committed to 2024 not Florida!

Patti K.

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