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M!H has the pleasure of introducing the latest ‘Peace of Wood’ collection ‘PLAYFULL’ from Wood Artist Dennis Hiers.

Using trees in and around his neighborhood that had fallen due to the hurricanes, Dennis wanted to put a “happy spin” to a devastating occurrence. Using colored resin, toy chess pieces and hand carving he created the ‘Playfull’ collection. You cannot help but smile and start a happy conversation.

‘Fantasy’. 13x16 Monkey Puzzle Wood with yellow, green & red resin and hand carved top. Great piece for storing small articles.

‘Chess Anyone?’ 9x15 Monkey Puzzle Wood. Chess board and game pieces imbedded in clear resin.

‘Happy Dots’. 9x12 Birch Wood. Colorful resin dots make you smile.

Kids call it ‘The Donut’…Adults call it ‘Sensual’. 9x18 Norfolk Pine Wood. Zero added resin or color…100% pure wood (very heavy in weight).

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