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Project “Mothers Day”

The Young Artist’s Studio @ MargsArt is in full buzz creating FridgeArt for Project “Mothers Day”. Here are a few examples of their work. I know each mother is going to love their signed original one of a kind FridgeArt.

Artists. Ages 5-11yrs.

FridgeArt is part of MargsArt. Young artists can participate in projects such as Project Mothers Day where they paint on a 5x5inch canvas which has a magnet on back and then be used to attach to the refrigerator.

OR….I (Margie) can be commissioned to paint and original. See below).

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3 commentaires

Something every mother will treasure forever.


Love love love their enthusiasm and talent. Art is the best expression of self. Don't stop!!


Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
12 avr. 2023

Come on viewers….give these kids some support & love! They are an inspiration to all the artists inside of us AND their work is truly amazing. Unfortunately, I cannot and will not share their names or photograph on social media I will ABSOLUTELY share your words of support through out comments!!!! Please, Please….

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