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Rainbow Bridge.

Carmen‘s note brought back a flood of memories…mostly the happiness that Q gave me and then the gut wrenching loss of my best fur-buddy ever.

Thank you Q for giving me 19years of sheer joy. And now I can see the sheer joy that Zim (Zimbabwe) brings to my daughter Bronwyn.

Thank you Uriel Hiers for your kindness, not knowing that you were giving Bronwyn a gift of an angel that instills both joy and peace in her everyday existence.

Thank you Bronwyn for the countless laughs and gasps we’ve had together raising Zim this 1 year Gotcha Day. You take a bounding ball of energy like it was a power puff. Congrats on today being Zim’s “Gotcha” day.

Thank you Zim for adopting a human mother who has never raised a fur-fam before. The games you play with her are priceless. Your endless hugs and snuggles melt her. You are a pair never to be separated.

Thank you to the Veterinarians, pet nannies, pet care givers….we owe you far more thanks and respect than you get.

Thank you Carmen.

A reminder to keep “ScooPing the PooP”…thats fur-language for “Making Sh!t Happen. However, please do ScooP your dogs PooP.



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