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Scoop the Poop Campaign.

Zimbabwe (Zim) and I want to bring awareness to the need for Scooping the Pooping. So…..we thought a education/support campaign in our very own neighborhood street. These are a few of our action notes:

  1. Bi-weekly newsletter focusing on education and support.

  2. Have made and offer neighbors a Scoop the Poop yard sign. For every neighbor that agrees they will receive a free roll of Scoop the Poop baggies.

  3. Work with local businesses to sponsor signs and baggies.

  4. Work with local pet salons for grooming Scoop the Poop discounts and local events such a dog walking training, meet and greet events etc.

  5. Meet with local city hall to fund and distribute poop containers stations along our street.


Note: This is currently all in the works. Zim has challenged me to have it 100% executed by the end of October….no pressure!!

If you would like to start your own campaign in your neighborhood, regardless where in the world you live…not matter, just tag along with me. The more StP’s the better the campaign.


Zim: The Pooper.

Margie: The Scooper.

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