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Someone is Oriented in the Right Direction

So happy to wake up in Italy this morning and see Liz Cheney lost her primary in Wyoming. She didn’t get Trump’s endorsement because she stood up for what she knows is right. She stood up for democracy. She stood up for America.

It took a woman to stand up to Trump. A 56 year old woman. She rolled up her sleeves and got activated and stood her ground with her values.

Whether or not you are a Republican or a Democrat, she is the example we want to follow.

On the news shows this morning, she said she will continue to make sure that Trump does not get elected president again. What she is saying is that she will continue to make sure that a person who lacks integrity, abuses power, disrespects women and threatens our democracy will not be elected.

Come on ladies, let’s join her in activating ourselves and get our rights back!

Cathie Geraci: Author.


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