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Take Our Democracy Back!

I woke up today to the news of the leaked draft from SCOTUS to overturn Roe v Wade. Like millions of Americans this morning I’m not shocked at all. I’ve been waiting for this. Every Republican appointee to this court other then Chief Justice Robert’s has voted to overturn Roe. At my age, this won’t impact me. However it will impact young women all over the country and the women it will hurt the most are women without resources. This is intentional!

The leaked draft states the Constitution is silent about abortion and that nothing in its text or structure supports a right to abortion. Justice Alito writes Roe, is so egregiously wrong that it does not deserve to be retained as a precedent, the proper approach is to retain the question to the states. Justice Alito continues writing, it’s time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the peoples elected representatives. The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nations history and traditions.

Here’s the warning and it’s huge, so don’t underestimate the power of this right winged extremist court. Next SCOTUS will come for marriage equality, voting rights, LGBTQ equality, diversity and all civil rights that have been so hard fought for. Simone Sanders said recently, the culture war the Republicans have waged was never a distraction they are in fact the playbook! Folks, this is just the beginning I fear.

Hillary Clinton’s reaction I share, this decision is an assault on women, not to mention settled law. One of the most fundamental human rights is the right to make the most personal decisions about one’s own body. To deny women that is to rob them of their ability to decide their own futures.

Many Democrats have long thought that the politics of abortion help the party during elections and that a court decision overturning Roe could help retain Congress. Nice idea, but won’t happen without the help of millions of voters. We must vote in every election starting with local and state elections. Local officials have more weight then you think. We have seen this clearly as local municipalities ban books, take teachers to task for supporting students who are struggling with gender or sexual orientation, basically creating an atmosphere where more of these rights can and will be taken away.

Every 18 to 24 year old has to vote like their lives depend on it! Every woman who wants to stand up for Women’s Rights has to vote like their lives depend on it. Every American who wants a say in Human Rights has to vote like their lives depend on it! Now it’s time, show no mercy, energize, mobilize, volunteer, protect Roe, expand SCOTUS, break the filibuster, educate, donate and vote! It’s time to reclaim our Democracy. If you are female, gay, black, old, unhealthy, a teacher, author, student this SCOTUS is now coming for you! RBG said it best, The Decision Of Whether Or Not To Bear A Child Is Central To A Woman’s Life, We’ll Being And Dignity. When The Government Makes That Decision For Her, She Is Being Treated As Less Than A Full Adult Human Responsible For Her Own Choices.

Author: Patti Kasanow.

Patti’s Podium. 5/3/2022.

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