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What’s in a Face?

I cannot even begin to draw, sketch, paint or photo-art your portrait ! I have no clue about angle, depth, shading. I cannot duplicate from a picture or from a “sitting”….

I see people in specific frames. For instance my vision will focus in on a, for example…a person with blue eyes or pouty lips or expression. Unconsciously this specific detail gets logged in my memory bank.

I start with a clear canvas or a textured canvas. That one frame, specific about that person transfers from unconscious to conscious and thus starts the evolution of you on canvas . Often, it is not of a person I even know…its just that one specific detail that forms a Face.

I am not a trained artist. Many people say I am a ‘intuitive and emotional’ artist.

Would appreciate your comments.

”Erotic Agony”. Photographic-art - Self portrait.

“Losing my Mind”. Photographic-Art. Self portrai.

”What you say is not what you saw”. Photographic-Art. Self.

”I Have a Secret”. One of the kindest hearts I am fortunate to know. Acrylic on Canvas. 4x2ft.

Stranger who held a door open for me. His blue eyes were like daggers mixed with an unsettling expression had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Acrylic on Canvas. 1.5x1.6ft.

Self portrait. Acrylic on Canvas. 2x2.6ft.

Someone unconsciously in my mind. Mixed media on Canvas. 2x2.6ft.

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