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Today’s blog will introduce you to Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried who is a candidate for Governor of Florida in the 2022 election. Commissioner Fried won the Agriculture Commissioner position in 2018 & is the only statewide elected Democrat.

She was born in Miami & is 43 years old. She received her BA, MA (in Political Campaigning) & her JD at the University of Florida. Commissioner Fried joined a private law firm after graduation, but soon realized that it wasn’t for her. In 2006 she became a Public Defender in Florida’s 8th Circuit Court in North Central Florida. In 2009 she joined another firm to practice closure defense law where her clients included Duke Energy, HCA Healthcare & Walt Disney Co.

In 2016 she established her own lobbying firm Ignite Florida & became a fierce advocate for expanding Medical Marijuana in the state. Commissioner Fried realized early on that Medical Marijuana could help many suffering Floridians especially Seniors. In 2018 she decided to run for Agriculture Commissioner & won. During her campaign she focused on several issues including ensuring full background checks are completed on gun permits & endorsing Amendment 4 a ballot initiative which restores voting rights for felons (excluding murderers & felony sex offenders).

As a candidate she was endorsed by the Sierra Club, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Sun Sentinel & Tampa Bay Times.

When Commissioner Fried announced her run for Governor she said, “I’m Something New for Florida”! I’m tested & I’m ready! She went onto say, “I want to break the rigged system in Florida that is Anti -Democratic “. Take a look at Commissioner Fried! I believe that she is a much better choice for Governor in 2022!

Author: Patti Kasanow.

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