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Working Floridians in 2022

Florida’s 2022 Session is Disastrous for Working Floridians

A two month legislative session began on Tuesday in Florida. Democrats are outnumbered in the House and the Senate and the Republicans seem to be out of touch with working Florida families who continue to struggle with an economy upended by Covid and its variants.

As Representative Charlie Christ said yesterday about Governor DeSantis‘s State of the State comments, “the Governor is completely out of touch”! His ideas are incredibly backwards and dangerous. GOP priorities don’t address pay, tax or housing inequalities. And Governor DeSantis has enormous control over these legislators.

The hit list is as follows:

Defund schools for following Covid restrictions.

Censor and continue to manipulate Covid data.

Seek to restrict a woman’s right to choose which is basic healthcare.

Make it harder for Floridians to vote.

Continued suppression of peaceful protesting.

Allowing businesses to sue over any local rule they don’t like provided they can prove that it has cut into their bottom line by 15% or more.

Ban CRT from K-12 ( even though it’s not taught in K-12).

Allowing employees to go after their companies that require diversity training.

All this as he continuously blames everything on the Federal Government while shamelessly using federal $$ from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Much needed and deserved pay raises for teachers, first responders and state employees who are benefiting from state cash boosted by the $3.4 billion provided to the State of Florida. Pay raises due to this administrations goal of helping Floridians and all Americans make it through this National Health Crisis clearly understanding what struggling families are up against.

So people wake up and pay attention! Speak up! Contact those Republicans in the legislature and make your voices heard! Remember that this Governor only won last time by 32,000 votes! He is beatable in 2022 as are many other Florida legislators too!

Patti Kasanow. Author.

Note: The views of Ms. Kasanow are not those of every team member of M!H nor MargsPod-LLC. We pride ourselves in being diverse in every sense…..Margie Burns-Kohn. (Founder/Producer of M!H & MargsPod LLC)

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