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Zim has surgery….

It took Zim playfully swallowing a sock to find out that Zim had not in actual fact been neutered. For all intent it sure looked like he had no balls and on his certificate it had said he had been neutered. In actual fact his balls were impacted inside his stomach. We were informed by specialists that if left there would without a doubt cause a variety of life threatening illnesses. So, shy of 10days before his second birthday Zim underwent major surgery today. He has internal sutures in his stomach and external staples. His recovery will take a minimum of a month. Zim is my daughters “angel” and she his “angel”. I am the granny fur-nanny.

My daughter and I highly suggest the following:

  1. Watch the YouTube video. It will make you smile.

  2. Do your research on the issue of “impacted testicles”.

  3. If you have a pet ….100% worth getting pet insurance.

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