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40 year old Barbie

InternationalBarbieDay. Yep, no kidding March 9th was International Barbie Day. I found this out late in the day when logging on to email and reading all these “Congrats on Barbie’s Day”. I can fucking hardly keep up on flossing let alone International Days. Anyway..I thought its late however, I cannot let my daughters bag of 40 year old Barbie’s not have their International Day and what better debut but on the M!H media signage.

Although “tongue in cheek” with a jab at Barbie, I took a few pictures and posted to several of my friends. The response was overwhelming positive, frivolous and fun. I mean, really…the photo is pretty brilliant. So, how come I could not take my eyes off of it and not be happy. There was something uncomfortable about that photo.

I was transfixed with this photograph which personally would be brilliant if only “humanly correct”….. My parents did not have to teach me diversity…to them people were people…it was only when I got to c boarding school in South Africa did I come to understand the true meaning behind “whites here/Blacks here”. Many of us opposed such ludicrous hatred, using both above and underground methods in fighting for equality. Many paid the price.

Looking at the Barbie wall again I was horrified at my depiction of women and human diversity. Had all those years back in SA been a fake me, a lie, a fashion, attention seeking….because,…look at the photo with all the Barbie’s…I bought all those here in the USA, the land of the free…I was doing what I had fought so hard not to do.

So there you have it folks….please don’t banish your stack of privileged Barbie’s because one of them is me…rather use me as History Barbie.

How wonderful this photograph would look if there were many different shapes and shades of color?

Note: As I stated in the beginning…the initial response of just the photo with a Congrats was positive and fun. However, when reality hit me and I posted my uncomfortable truth…..there has been crickets!!!

Why are humans so pussy whipped into holding back on the uncomfortable truth??

Margie Burns. 3/10/22. @ 10pm

My office.

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