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A Challenged World.

More than 18 months into this pandemic which seems like it will never end millions of people are in limbo somewhere between the lives they lived prior to Covid & how they are navigating their daily lives now. Our current reality encompasses risk assessment for our families, upended routines & the endless speculation about Covid & it’s variants.

Even in the face of death & severe illness I believe that people are still optimistic! I am! My husband & I have changed the way we think about our routines. We’ve paid attention to our safety, security, our personal growth, travel plans (both retired & we love to travel) & work which for us are ongoing volunteer activities. As a pragmatist & an optimist I am trying everyday to focus on the small triumphs in the time of Covid.

The world has seen what real hero’s look like starting with healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, technicians, maintenance workers who have kept these facilities up & running. Service industry workers who have worked throughout Covid. Truck drivers, delivery people, food service workers who have showed up day after day putting themselves & their families at risk. Teachers & school administrators who taught from their living rooms & then went bravely back into classrooms. Volunteers who manned vaccination sites around the world. Mothers & fathers who stayed home with their kids teaching & cooking & parenting to the best of their abilities. There are many, many more to acknowledge! I urge you to thank any of these people you encounter !! Your good cheer makes all the difference!

The world has been challenged in ways that have made us exhausted & these challenges often made us think about how we will go on. It’s been a catalyst for millions who have been forced to take time & reevaluate their lives, careers, concerns, routines. What is meaningful? What’s important? How will we move forward into the future? Cherish the time with family & friends! Reach out to those around you as often as you can! Call someone you’ve been thinking about! Share your abundance with those in need! I’m focusing on all the infinite possibilities of 2022! I’m looking forward! I believe that this too shall pass & hopeful that we will grow from these incredibly difficult losses & lessons!

Patti Kasanow: Author

Happy New Year!

Get Vaccinated!

Wear a Mask!

Let’s keep hope & faith in our hearts!

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1 Comment

Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Jan 03, 2022

Patti, I totally agree with you. If every person just took 5min out of their day to say ”thank you”..the world would “feel” a better place. My challenge to humans is to say thank you….even to their pets. The rewards are priceless.

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