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Afghanistan as Patti sees it.

Watching the events in Afghanistan over the last few days has made me feel many emotions including anger, frustration, sadness, but in the end I’ve realized that there could not have been a different resolution.

Yes the US’s departure has been unorganized chaos.

Bottom line heres my take on this situation (you can agree or not). George Bush started this train wreck with no thought to an exit strategy. President Obama could have exited after Osama Bin Laden was killed. Again nothing & still no exit strategy. Then the former guy’s administration wanted to bring the Taliban to Camp David for a chat. His charade of a peace agreement was incredibly inept and dangerous.

So President Biden inherited this ongoing disaster. His Administration and by implication the DOD and Intelligence Agencies botched the exit. At least this Administration had an exit strategy ! And we are seeing this daily on the news & hearing this is the failure of the Biden Administration. Ok folks this is a failure of the last 4 Administrations! The optimism of Intelligence Analysts was wrong! Bad planning and the world watching.

20 years of training and $2.0 trillion dollars to help Afghans rule themselves was for naught. The Afghan leaders and military folded in 11 days ... 11days! The Afghans had to want Democracy as much or more then the NATO forces. They didn’t! Now I think it’s up to a much younger generation of Afghans who didn’t grow up with or live under Taliban rule to decide and fight to change their country. They have to want Democracy!

Patti M. Kasanow

Note: Make Sh!t Happen would appreciate you sharing your point of view. We thrive on diverse opinions.

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