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Against abortion? Don’t have one. —Anonymous

I am thrilled and filled with gratitude every time I get the opportunity to work with these two opinionated, highly intelligent, curious, brave, kind women…did I mention humble..(not so much).

Patti: M!H All things Political Blogger.

Cathie: M!H Neurodiversity Blogger.

Welcome Brandon: Activist & Photographer.

Attached Patti and Cathie start “The Conversation” around the DECISION on Abortion Rights. Brandon joined “The Conversation” by scribed note. A portion I read on his behalf. The remainder of his gripping message must and will be delivered by Brandon in following podcasts where we dig into finding solutions.

The Conversation is something everyone should listen/watch and hopefully will join in The Conversation.

Comments & Feedback are always welcomed.

Likes and Subscribes makes us jump for joy.

Now go and Make Sh!t Happen!


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