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Barbie’s Influence….

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Cathie: Hello. New thoughts about Barbie. Do girls aspire to look like Barbie because she is ‘beautiful’ or because she is powerful? If Barbie had all the jobs and the house, car, wardrobe, camper, etc and a young girl wants those, maybe what went into our subconscious was to be and have that, we have to look like that? And is that the secret weapon? Is that the distracting men message from the movie. Men think beautiful women are dumb. The expect a “non feminine’ looking women to be after their job and/or power. But, they don’t expect a women who spends time on makeup, hair and fashion to be capable of it. Was the message to distract them that way? Be feminine and distract them in to not seeing you as capable?

Margie: Yes, Not that I have read this anywhere however, I personally believe that Ruth was able and intended to change Lilli from a Mens gag (slutty) doll to a fashionable, intelligent strong woman.

Patti: Just had coffee & reading messages. Cathie’s thoughts make a great opener.

Also, Barbie was never slutty ever! Or at least not in my Barbie world.

Patti: I would love to do a Vogue September podcast! I used to look @ Vogue every month, but in the last few years I only buy the September issue .. is it out already?

Margie & Cathie: Yeah, great idea…..

ALL THOSE IN FAVOR SAY YEAH!!! (Post your YEAH in the comment box)…lets see how many YEAH’s we get!!!!

Note:: The above dialogue is direct from our after podcast ‘3Friend 1 Chair’ messenger site.

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