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Ken..Every Girls Accessory?

Watch, Listen and Comment on the 3 Friends conversation about Ken..Barbie’s Ken. How do you see Ken is the question?

Podcast Link.

More pre & post messaging conversation between 3 Friends…

Margie: Well… appears that we must do another pod !!!! Viewers are commenting on “a great conversation”…several want to include Ken on the conversation….I have several specifics. I suggest if we do so it needs to be this coming week?

Cathie: I just read a few articles on Ken and the Barbie movie because I don’t know if I really have an opinion about Ken and how he feels…

Patti: Ken was really almost another accessory .. I don’t remember thinking much more about him.

Margie: Ok..lets plan on Thursday 17th same time. In the meantime lets do some digging on Ken. We must include Ken as one of the topics….the comment from a viewer is “How do girls see Ken?”.

Cathie: In all my discussions with women about Ken, everyone of them saw Ken as an accessory.

Another thought: did Barbie with doing everything herself help lead to the future generations not staying in bad marriages and the divorce rate going up? Did the girls who played with Barbie in the early 2000s having all of the Barbie things (houses, cars, campers, pool, etc) and seeing Ken as an accessory lead to this moment of women not marrying and single women own homes at a larger rate than single men? How has the financial accessibility to have more and more Barbie toys over the years changed each generation? Example: I grew up with very few Barbies and none of the accessories and Barbie taught me I could be anything. My daughter, who had 20 Barbies and all the accessories grew up realizing Barbie has everything and Ken has nothing. She doesn’t need a Ken, what is he good for?

Cathie: Also Margaret after Ryan Gosling read the script, he went to his daughter to find out if they ever played with Ken and they said no and didn’t even know where Ken was. Ryan found Ken out in the back yard, face down in the mud next to a squashed lemon. At that moment he completely understood who Ken was and said yes to the project.

Patti: Done a bit of research on Ken. He has had 40 jobs in 60years.

Margie: Well… appears unanimous that Ken is and used as an accessory. I’m looking forward to our viewers comments about our conversation and what they feel about Ken.

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