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Food. Sleep. Exercise & Matthew.


I admit….I’m not really good at this eating stuff. Although I eat very healthy food and enjoy cooking…I just forget to eat or eat at the weird times or gorge myself on bread, cheese and fruit. AND don‘t talk to me about water….ALL of which a person needs for fuel. I enjoy exercising…the grunt and sweat of it, the exhaustion of it so, I fully understand my body must have the nourishment in order to accomplish this MJFox 50 Mile Challenge.

While there is no prescription for a PD-specific diet, to maintain overall good health most people living with Parkinson’s disease should eat a variety of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, and protein-rich foods such as meat and beans. Also consider including nuts, olive oil, fish and eggs to your diet, for their beneficial fats.

Does exercise impact Parkinson’s?

This I love!!! I 100% know that this is the reason my progression has been slow far. Y’all get of the couch and move…its a case of Move to still the body. We all know that exercise is essential to good health. It is good for the heart and the muscles, but did you know that exercise can actually change the brain and have a positive impact on Parkinson’s symptoms? Research from the Parkinson's Outcomes Project, the largest-ever clinical study of Parkinson’s, found that people with PD who engaged in at least 2.5 hours of exercise a week had a better quality of life than those who didn't exercise at all or started exercising later. Establishing early exercise habits is an essential part of overall disease management, which is why neurologists now recommend exercise as part of most PD treatment plans.

Tips for Better Sleep.

And this is where I fail…big time. Here are a few tips that have helped me.


Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants such as nicotine.

Heavy late-night meals (although a light snack at bedtime may be helpful)

Heavy exercise within six hours of bedtime.

Thoughts or discussions before bedtime about topics that cause anxiety, anger or frustration.

Clock watching.

“Screen time” — television, phones, tablets — one or two hours before bed.

Finally..Some scoop on my coach Matthew.

He reminds me of one of these jets that fly under the radar then without warning suddenly appear and wipe out everything and anything in its way. Then slips away quietly not requiring and recognition or credit…as humble as they come. Kind, generous and understanding. Has many significant sports accomplishments but you cannot drag them out of him to talk about.

I remember when he was a kid…he would walk onto the tennis court..(under the radar)…maybe loose the first few points..purposely…sizing up his competition. When the time felt good he went in for the win.

He shows me no pity, he gives me zero breaks…he expects me to do my best and he knows what that best is….you cannot fool him..he pushes you but leaves you feeling good about yourself and what you have accomplishe.

My coach Matthew….then!!

Because I adore this picture of Matthew.

And Matthew now.

I leave you with two things…

  1. Have you log onto Bronwyn Kohn (Rockin Rebels) Facebook to support MJFox 50 Mile Challenge yet?

  2. Tomorrow you get to meet my ”life therapist”….AND I start running, swimming and tennis.

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