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Goodbye City Life..

Parkinson’s and I travel well together. I believe, partially because I love and have always loved travel. The buzz of airports, the solitude of in flight, the intrigue of being in and around a new environment. Parkinson’s finds it hard to infiltrate my “high” so, literally in many cases just gives up and hunkers down until opportunity arises to strike.

One of my travels took me to a farm called Laurel Creek Farm.

The minute I saw the goats and the gorgeous old barn and pastures this place immediately went from a FIND to a FAV…and I had not even stepped foot into the superb, quaint cottage Yet. The kitchen has all the latest appliances, needless to say I cooked every evening but,…only after sitting on the porch sipping wine while chatting with the goats and horse.

Laurel Creek Farm inspired me and gave me the “place” to start writing my book. It is the PERFECT place to write.

OH..YES…I forgot! I have Parkinson’s. Here are my FINDS & FAVS of this trip.

FIND: Return flight delayed 5 hours. One of the pilots took the time to chat with each passenger showing them on his ipad the reason for the delay. Kudos to him.

FIND: Because I enjoy flying and travel in general there is no stress so zero reason for my off switch. I will recommend anyone with PD to give themselves ample time in order to prevent the “OFF” switch.

FAV: Not once did I get “kick” spasms and slept a good 6 uninterrupted hours. The bed and linens were delectably cozy.

FAV: Homemade goats milk soap. Make sure you get yourself some…I promise you won’t regret it.

FAV: Simply perfect place to recharge and write. I will be back.

”Goodbye City Life…Laurel Creek I’ll be there”.

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28 jun 2022

Love goat’s milk soap!!!! Joy on writing a book!

Me gusta
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