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Ha..Ha..Ha..Seriously ?!

60 Miles at the age of 68, living 24/7 with your “best buddy” Parkinson’s is no fuckin joke….HOWEVER, I believe I’ve outsmarted Parkinson’s by having the best training and manager team……my son & daughter. Both top athletes….no question…however, manager of their 68 yr mom…questionable !!!!

Neither have coached me for Fridays 7/1 MJFox 50mile challenge kick-off…yet ! BUT…as top athletic coaches do, its all about winning and in this case its about raising money to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

In my case…I can still run, swim, play tennis and golf but cannot whisk or beat eggs, chop herbs….I am fortunate as many who diagnosed 10 yrs ago as I was, are not so fortunate. I believe that run, swim etc have played a big role in my slow-ish progression.

BUT…(again) we need your support in funding science to find a cure and end to this debilitating disease. It really does suck!!

Just imagine NOT being able to whisk an egg !!!!

PLEASE log onto FB: Bronwyn Kohn. She, as is her brother Matthew are my caregiving team. They fully understand what could be ahead for me and what that means to them as caregivers. Not only is your support needed to find a cure…support is needed for education purposes. More on statistics later!!!

In the meantime….I‘ve raised the stakes….Bronwyn is challenging you to $500 total…What, what !!!!! Just Sayin… about $1K???

Log onto FB: Bronwyn Kohn or for details or just email me @ .

“What?…This Friday I have to run 3 miles…who says ???“

My coaches Matthew & Bronwyn 40+ years ago. ha ha ha.

My coaches today. I must of done something right!!! They are my lifeblood..literally.

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