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I’m Not Intoxicated...I Have Parkinson’s.

No kidding….When I was diagnosed I was given this card to carry. I thought it “funny” when I got it, I still do, however, I am beginning to experience the WHY.

There are times (OFF) when my gait gets somewhat erratic. It‘s not that I am unable to walk but I certainly would not pass “walk the line”….you know the one I’m talking about!

However, the strangest thing about this disease is that I have no problem running, swimming, tennis…or any physical activity it seems…not yet anyway.

That is why I run/walk…skip. It may not be as fluid and fast as days gone bye…I’m just grateful for every day that I can…that feel of freedom is pure bliss.

That is why the MJFox 50Mile Challenge is so important…..I want more people with and without Parkinson’s to feel that extraordinary bliss. We can do that with your support.

Here is how: Go to….

FB: Bronwyn Kohn. MJFox 50Mile Challenge. We are team Rockin Rebels. for information. Go to Blog/Conversation. me @ for more information.

Now I know you are wanting more scoop on my coaches….Let’s start with Bronwyn (daughter). First off, you definitely do not want to be her opponent in tennis…she is a formidable force in both tennis and golf winning State titles for both. Among her many marathons her most proud is The Marine Corp in Washington DC. These are just a few of her athletic accomplishments. She is organized, dedicated and strong. Oh Yeah…she made the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (19’341’ ft) first go !!!!

Bronwyn Then… quite some years ago…..“I‘m speechless”

Bronwyn now. “Whew!!! i’m not worried at all… problem”.

Log on tomorrow for:

Food & Sleep during a challenge.

AND..the scoop on another coach….My son Matthew.

Thank you for your support. Please Like & Share.


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