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“Monsters don’t scare me, in fact…..

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

they are always with me in most every picture I draw”. There is a slight smirk on David’s face as he takes my Apple Pencil and IPad and with the ease of an accomplished artist he proceeds to draw a monster. You would never know that this is the very first time he has used technology for his art. He draws, not the monster that is in children's book, nor your every day ordinary monster….this one has a story in Davids mind which he tells with the stroke of his pen on paper…in this case digitally.

David is comfortable and confident in this space. He is not a “kid with artistic potential” David is already an artist, in fact he said he first knew he was an artist at the age of 4 years old. Now I have the smirk on my face as I brag about being the person to have the very first interview with 9 year old artist David and to debut his work in the M!H Gallery.

Orlando‘s CityArts Gallery

Now are you still scared of monsters?

Be sure to check out the Gallery for some of Davids very first drawings.

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