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“It only took me 45 years to discover myself, and it all started with a Tedtalk about multipotentiality. Fascinating stuff, I have always considered myself a bit weird, a fruitcake. Different from the rest. It already started at school, I didn't fit into the system. I didn't feel I belonged there, and my teacher said to my parents: "I am good at reading children, but with your child, I have no clue"

The teacher was right, he had no clue, back then and even now neurodiversity is not well understood. And multipotentiality was really something nobody has ever heard of. I knew as a child I had dyslexia. Something you just had to live with, meaning you're not good at reading and writing. You will never publish a book. (Did I prove them wrong) Later I found out I also have ADHD and HSP.

With the word multipotentialite at my fingertips, I started to interview like-minded people all over the world using Zoom. The pandemic was perfectly timed for me, everybody was available and meetings and interviews online became the standard. What an experience! And within a year I interviewed 71 people and a few things struck me. No matter what background, skin color, age, gender, religion, etc. we all connected immediately. Serious friendships were made. Also, I discovered the neurodiversity link with multipotentiality.

We’re all unique and different from one another. Especially neurodiversity combined with multipotentiality, so-called non-linear thinkers. We created a manifesto ( to explain what we want to change. Who we are, and teach others how unique we can be.

The goal is not building a community but a movement, change. We can only do this with people who can experience this. And this implies that finding a "tribe" is the same as experiencing greater meaning and a sense of belonging so we can create positive change in the world.

So I set out to create that Movement and finding kindred spirits seemed a great opportunity to create a way for us to grow and learn from each other. So finally here we are, The Octopus Movement.”

Written by: Perry Knoppert. Founder.

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