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My Mind’s Eye

Today is a typical February day. These types of days are why I do not like Venice in the winter. She is cold, dreary, damp, foggy and sad.

I live on the island of Murano and I have a pretty good view of Venice from my window. However, looking out right now, I do not see a blue lipid sky with puffy white cotton clouds, just like the ones in a Tintoretto painting. I do not see the variety of boats moving along the lagoon. I do not see Venice in the distance in all her splendor. Due to the thick fog, all of that is blocked from my physical vision.

I immediately think: February…March…April…May. May! The beaches open on the island of Lido in May! My mind transports me to the beach. I feel the sun and see the seagulls standing on the edge of the never ending water that expands across space. I hear the waves and smell the salty air. I see all the Italian women, no matter what their age, wearing bikinis and the older Italian men wearing Speedos. I see kids playing soccer. I see babies experiencing sand for the first time.

Wait, what is doing that ‘seeing’ in my mind? Something in my mind is looking from a place in my mind to a beach in my mind. What is this something?

That something is our ‘mind’s eye’ and it actually does more than see. It is the center of our perception. So it can feel, hear and smell whatever it is looking at.

It has a favorite place to hang in our mind, it gives us our talents and our difficulties. But now, I am jumping ahead. It is enough for today to know you have a mind’s eye, because this is a lot to take in.

Many experts think the mind’s eye is our imagination, but Ron Davis ( discovered it is the thing doing the ‘looking’ within our imagination. It will blow you away what it can do. It will shock you how it controls you. Oh no, there I go again giving you too much!

Are you curious? Good! Your mind’s eye loves to be curious and as I told you last time, curiosity is a sign of intelligence.

‘See’ you soon!

Cathie Geraci…Author.

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1 Comment

Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Feb 23, 2022

Cathie’s blog had me mesmerized….or could of it been My Mind’s Eye that had me mesmerized and mind wrapped around content?

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