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Not 50…More like 60 Mile Challenge!

Parkinson’s has not got me beat…what it subtracts I add a challenge. This time I’ve accepted a 60 mile run/swim/tennis challenge starting July 1st through July 30th. Please support the MJFox Foundation/Bronwyn Kohn (my daughter). Your donation goes towards research in finding a cure for Parkinson’s. And becoming a member of 50mile Rockin Rebels Challenge. (I’ve up’t it to 60 miles).

Rockin Rebels Actions:

  1. Log onto FB….Bronwyn Kohn/MJFox 50mile challenge. Follow donating instructions.

  2. Log onto Rebels starting 6/28 and follow or better still take the challenge with me.

Many thanks and Many Miles,


Bronwyn Kohn on FB.

For Further information email:

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